Sydney Swimming Pools

Sidney pools are a popular summer hangout for locals and visitors, providing the perfect place to swim or soak up spectacular views. Tucked away in CBD parks and a stone’s throw from the city, these stunning swimming spots are ideal for lap swimmers, sunbathers, and anyone seeking a safe environment to enjoy Sydney’s beautiful weather.

Featuring lanes wide enough to accommodate multiple swimmers, the new pool at Balmain’s iconic Elkington Park baths is a joy to swim in. The 10-lane pool is covered with sparkling white tiles and the kind of concrete that marks wet footsteps, and its water reaches only 2 metres at its deepest. But the temperature, 26C, is more than workable for those who like to bomb their way in — and a lot warmer than ocean swims can get.

The pool’s exterior is clad in a textured timber slat that echoes the surrounding cliffs, while its interior features a sauna, steam room and “program pool” that includes an indoor splash area. The space is cooled by natural light, which filters through windows in the concrete above and creates a subterranean feel. The pool’s design is both modern and evocative, making it a standout among Sydney’s many ocean pools.

Sydney pools are more than just swimming areas — they’re an icon of the city, and a symbol of its famously sunny climate and welcoming culture. They’re a sublime meeting of architecture and nature, and they’re (mostly) free to use for all.

The pools are a key feature of the newest addition to the Bondi beachfront, an ambitious project that includes new public toilets and showers, a lifeguard tower, and a boardwalk with views over the ocean. The complex also includes a public barbecue, which opens to the pool, and a café.

If you’re planning to build a pool at home, work with professional Sydney pools builders who can help you find the right design for your space and budget while complying with regulations. This will ensure that your backyard paradise comes together as you envisioned and that it’s built to last for years to come. Search online for builders who are licensed and insured, and ask for photos of previous projects to see examples of their work. You can also ask them about their process, pricing structure and warranty options.