Singapore Pools Review

Singapore Pools has set several values that guide their company. These include respect, innovation, customer care, integrity and community service. These values are a vital part of their mission and vision to be a responsible gaming company that encounters illegal gambling while also giving back to the society. In addition, they have strict rules and regulations regarding their employees to ensure that they provide first-class services to their customers. This is also evident in their recent initiative i -SHINE, where they push volunteerism among their support staffs.

The company’s eBetSlip app allows you to formulate and place your bets on any events or matches using only your mobile phone. This app can be used for Sports, TOTO and 4D bets. It also provides a comprehensive list of events, match results and statistics. You can even check the odds and betting limits before placing your bets. You can download this application for free from the website.

Besides offering bets on sports and horse races, Singapore Pools also offers online games like Scratchit and Toto. The website is available in multiple languages and can be used by any Singapore citizen or permanent resident. You must be at least 21 years old to join Singapore Pools and you must also have a Singapore Citizenship or Permanent Residence (PPR) card to log in.

If you’re interested in becoming a millionaire, you can purchase Singapore Sweep lottery tickets. These tickets cost $3 each and give you a chance to win a massive cash prize. The best thing about it is that you can use your winnings to buy anything, including a new car or house. However, keep in mind that gambling can become an obsession, so it’s important to seek help if you think you may have an addiction.

Singapore Pools is a certified body under the World Lottery Association, so you can be sure that your bets are fair. In fact, the company conducts 250 draws each year. The draw is open to the public, and the results are posted on the official website after each drawing. If you don’t have Internet access, you can also get the results at any Singapore Pools outlet the following day.

Another way to play Singapore Pools is through the PoolzConnect service. This is an innovative service that lets you bet on any sporting event from the comfort of your home or office. This service is available in many languages and you can deposit funds with your credit or debit card. It’s also possible to withdraw your winnings with this service.

The company also has a number of other exciting promotions and games for its customers. One of these is a game called The Great SG Sweep, which offers a chance to win up to S$1 million in cash. The game can be played at any of the company’s outlets, selected 7-Eleven stores and Cheers stores located within Esso Service Stations. You can even play this game on your smartphone or tablet.